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KCI is a longtime construction company with large expertise within the business. we tend to feel within the recognition of our organization. KCI is capable enough to handle any variety of Construction Project and Complete it inside the given time-frame. we've been providing our purchasers with reliable solutions to their most complicated construction challenges. Today, we tend to square measure recognized as a pacesetter within the business for our strength in ancient construction ways and for our artistic, recent approach to with-it technologies and delivery systems. Our experience spans the development business spectrum, from smaller renovations to multi-million greenback comes. we tend to focus on education buildings, health care and industrial facilities, tele-communications and knowledge centers, additionally as infrastructure comes like water and waste treatment plants. we tend to believe long standing relationships that have established through the years with our purchasers & thus being known as upon for brand spanking new comes once more, shows the boldness & dependableness of KCI. Among the industrial & Industrial comes KCI undertakes the comes of Roads & Highways, high-rise Buildings, searching complexes malls, company homes, hospitals, hotels , auditoriums, college & faculties. we tend to square measure specialised in keeper comes as well as designing, designing, capital punishment the project.

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422794_3465869732228_1290888907_n Industrial & Commercial Interior
424347_4574519447778_497145150_n Industrial & Commercial Interior
428645_3465876652401_292167909_n Industrial & Commercial Interior
482085_4574526727960_271909016_n Industrial & Commercial Interior
549504_4574525967941_202190864_n Industrial & Commercial Interior
185469_4574520047793_1230485629_n Industrial & Commercial Interior
20160709_115122 Residential Structure
20160709_115158 Residential Structure
20160709_145951 Residential Structure
20160709_150027 Residential Structure
20160709_115023 Residential Structure
20160709_115101 Residential Structure
20160709_143107 Industrial & Commercial Structure
20160709_143336 Industrial & Commercial Structure
20160709_143527 Industrial & Commercial Structure
20160709_143530 Industrial & Commercial Structure
20160709_143547 Industrial & Commercial Structure
20160709_143549 Industrial & Commercial Structure
20160709_143058 Industrial & Commercial Structure

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KCI is an established construction company with vast experience in the industry. We take pride in the recognition of our organization. KCI is capable enough to handle any type of Construction Project and Complete it within the given time frame.

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